Mediterranean Sunset (at Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, Italy)

at Le Cloitre Saint-Trophime d’Arles

at Arles - Place de la République

Couldn’t believe how massive this was! If you look closely you can see people standing on the first level. Truly amazing feat for the Romans, and all just to bring fresh water into Nîmes! (at Pont du Gard)

at Maison Carrée

Watching some gladiators! (at Arène De Nîmes)

Triumphal arch erected by Caesar 2000 years ago (at Saint Remy-de-Provence, France)

1 Euro, throw a ball, smash the egg, win some beer #entrepreneur (at Arles - Place de la République)

Apparently Easter in Southern France is celebrated with a city-wide carnival, which wouldn’t be complete without a Star Wars fun house! #santayoda (at Arles - Place de la République)

Crazy gargoyles! (at Cité de Carcassonne)