Did not expect to swim into a herd of sea lions during my triathlon on Sunday, but luckily Tara was on the pier to catch it on camera. I’m the swimmer in the front, closest to the camera. Moments before this they were doing flips 6 feet out of the water! (at Santa Cruz Boardwalk)

First race in California, for the win! (at Crissy Field Beach)

Top of an ancient volcano at 10,700 feet (at Mount Rose Summit)

Almost to the top! (at Tahoe Rim Trail)

On the way to the summit of Mt. Rose (at Tahoe Rim Trail)

New car! (at Crissy Field Beach)

at Land’s End Trail

at Crissy Field Beach

Alcatraz & sailboats (at Aquatic Park)

Picnic time! (at Fort Mason Greens)